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Bad Habits Survey For Women

How many bad habits do you have? Take this quick survey and compare yourself with your spoiled womankind.

1.  Which country do you belong to?

2.  Please specify your family status.

  Single (never married)
  Living with partner

3.  What in your opinion are your three bad habits?


4.  Do you nag a lot?

  Rarely, I am cool minded.
  Pretty often, it’s a problem as old as humankind.
  On most occasions, especially when I am are upset at something.
  Always, as men find women forceful only when they say something again and again.

5.  Do you splurge?

  Rarely, I don’t like wasteful expenditures.
  Pretty often, when I have money in my hand.
  Occasionally, when there is a party or festival.
  Always, and why not? After all, what do we earn money for?

6.  Are you too emotional?

  Rarely, I am strong enough to handle any situation.
  Pretty often, when there is a big fight or I don’t get what I want.
  Sometimes, when I am trying to come to terms with an emotional trauma.
  Yes, always, even over small issues or remarks made by others. How can people be so insensitive?

7.  Can you drive well?

  Rarely, at times I am doing makeup while driving or am on the phone or listening to music at loud volume.
  Sometimes, when my entire focus is on the road.
  Mostly, till the time I don’t lose control of break or clutch.
  Always, I am a confident driver and am in complete control of my car when I am in the driver’s seat.

8.  Do you talk too much?

  Rarely, only as much is required.
  Sometimes, when I am excited to share something with my friends and family.
  Pretty often, I love to gossip.
  Always, there is so much to talk about- fashion trends, broken hearts, men, career, our
  myriad emotions, well, the list can go on and on……

9.  Are you malicious?

  Sometimes, when circumstances force me to be one.
  Pretty often, when I see any another women getting more attention than me.
  Always, I know I am the best, so anyone who comes between me and my goal will have to bear my malice.

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