Doctor/Student survey Share the Survey:
Please take two minutes to answer our short, but important to us survey!!!

1.  Please specify your gender.


2.  What is your age?


3.  Are you currently a student or practicing doctor?


4.  What is your year of study or specialization (intern)?

5.  What is the name of university you are studying at?

6.  How many hours per day do you work/study?

7.  How many hours per day do you use Internet and in which part of the day?

8.  For what purpose do you mainly visit internet?

  Check email
  Read news
  Find professional information
Other, please specify

9.  Do you look for medical/scientific contents on-line? If yes, what type of information are you looking for?

10.  Are you a user of any medical/scientific website? If yes, which one?

11.  Do you have access to Internet in your university/hospital/clinic?

12.  Are you registered on Facebook?

13.  How many minutes per day do you spend on Facebook?

14.  Do you have a smart phone?


15.  Do you use it during your work/study?

Other, please specify

16.  What kind of content would you expect to find on a medical network website?

17.  Are you willing to share your knowledge with other physicians/students?

18.  Are you willing to test your knowledge online?

19.  Would you like to know more about colleagues working in your hospital/clinic or students in the same faculty?

20.  Would you like to know more about colleagues holding the same position (i.e. same seniority, same specialization) in a different hospital/clinic or students in other faculties?

21.  What kind of information do you need to enhance your professional path?

22.  What kind of information do you need to improve your professional knowledge?