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Customers' Satisfaction with the services of the company

The customer satisfaction with company survey is designed to gauge the satisfaction of clients and customers with the services being provided by the company.

1.  Have you ever purchased any service from our company?


2.  As a customer how frequently do you buy our company's services?

  Bought just once

3.  How fast do you think are we in delivering information asked by you?

  Very fast
  Very slow

4.  How would you rate the value for money of our products and services?

  Very good
  Very poor

5.  What do you think about the quality of advice you receive from us?

  Very good

6.  On the basis of your interaction with our staff how far do you agree with the following statements?

Strongly agreeAgreeNeither agree nor disagreeDisagreeStrongly disagree
The staff was knowledgeable.
The staff was courteous and polite.
The staff treated you as a valued customer.

7.  How did you find doing business with us in comparison to doing business with other companies offering similar services?

  Much better
  The same
  Much worse

8.  How satisfied are you with the following aspects of our customer service?

Very satisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery dissatisfied
The quality of customer service.
The speed with which your complaint was dealt with.
The way in which your complaint was dealt with.

9.  Do you find our website easy to navigate?


10.  What changes would you suggest that will help us improve our service to our customers?