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 Employee Satisfaction Survey

Please spare a few minutes to complete this survey. Your views and opinions are very important to us. So, please be as candid and honest as possible. We assure you that your responses will be kept strictly confidential.

1.  What things would you like to see improved/changed/added in the company?

2.  What would you describe your working relationship with your immediate supervisor/manager as? (Choose all that apply.)

  Mutually respectful
  Lacking in trust

3.  How long have you been working in the company? (Optional)

  Less than six months
  Less than a year
  Less than two years
  Less than 5 years
  Less than 10 years

4.  The formal opportunities you get to interact with other employees in the company are:

  Quite frequent
  Frequent enough
  Not very frequent
  Too infrequent

5.  Please specify your gender. (Optional)


6.  Have you ever experienced or noticed any of the following kinds of discrimination in the company? (Choose all that apply.)

  Sexual Orientation

7.  You would rate your prospects of career advancement in your company as:

  Very good
  Moderately good
  Very poor

8.  Do you feel your compensation is commensurate with your work and responsibilities?


9.  How would you rate the following?

Very goodGoodReasonably goodPoorVery Poor
Employee Benefits
Internal Communication (Formal Channels)
Rewards and Recognition
Job Autonomy

10.  How would you grade the Employee Grievance Handling Process of the company?

  Highly effective
  Somewhat effective
  Does it even exist?

11.  How often are you involved in the decision-making process in the company?

  Almost always
  Very often

12.  How long do you see yourself continuing to work in the company?

  So long as I don't have a better job offer
  Another few months
  Another few years
  As long as possible

13.  Are you comfortable with the management style followed in the company?

If no, then please explain what you don't

14.  How satisfied are you with the physical conditions of work in your office?

  Very satisfied
  Quite satisfied
  Somewhat satisfied
  Not very satisfied
  Not at all satisfied