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 How well to you know commercials?
1.  Were a kid can be a kid

  Dave and busters
  Chucky Cheese

2.  _____ We have the meats!

  Dairy Queen’s

3.  Give me a break, break me of a piece of that _______ bar!


4.  I’m loving it.

  Burger King
  Dairy Queen

5.  Fill in the blank... “The Snack That Smiles Back ___

  Cheez its
  Teddy grahams
  Animal crackers

6.  What cereal brand’s song goes like this? “The good goes around and around!”

  Shredded Wheat
  Rice crisps
  Honey Nut Cheerios
  Fruity Pebbles

7.  Just do it

  Under amour
  New Balance

8.  Penny Mustard ____