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 How well to you know commercials?
1.  Just do it

  Under amour
  New Balance

2.  Were a kid can be a kid

  Dave and busters
  Chucky Cheese

3.  Fill in the blank... “The Snack That Smiles Back ___

  Cheez its
  Teddy grahams
  Animal crackers

4.  I’m loving it.

  Burger King
  Dairy Queen

5.  Penny Mustard ____


6.  Give me a break, break me of a piece of that _______ bar!


7.  What cereal brand’s song goes like this? “The good goes around and around!”

  Shredded Wheat
  Rice crisps
  Honey Nut Cheerios
  Fruity Pebbles

8.  _____ We have the meats!

  Dairy Queen’s