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 Launching a new ecofriendly gym machine
survey to inquire about the We really appreciate your input!

1.  Have you ever heard about this product before?


2.  What is your first reaction to the product?

  Somewhat positive
  Somewhat negative

3.  How innovative is this new product?

  Extremely innovative
  Very innovative
  Somewhat innovative
  Not so innovative
  Not at all innovative

4.  How important are the following factors to you when you buy something (any product)?

Very importantImportantSomewhat importantNot very importantNot at all importantDepends on what product it is
Brand value
After-sales service
Complaint follow up
Desire to try something new
Easy of availability

5.  Please select the statement that describes your need for this product.

  I need this product.
  I don't really need this product, but it might come in handy.
  I don't need this product at all.

6.  Which of the feature(s) of the product do you not like?

7.  How much would you be willing to pay for this product?

8.  Which of the feature(s) of the product do you like?

9.  Which of the feature(s) of the product do you like?

10.  If the product were available today, how likely would you be willing to buy it:

  Extremely likely
  Very likely
  Somewhat likely
  Not so likely
  Not at all likely