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 Radio Survey
1.  how long hear radio?

  1years more
  5years more
  10years more
  20years more

2.  which channels do you prefer?

  AM channels
  FM Channels
  does not matter

3.  How much hear radio?

  4days to 5days
  2days to 3days
  1day of week

4.  what is reason to hear radio?

  getting information
  hearing music
  killing time

5.  When do you prefer hearing radio?

  after midnight

6.  do you prefer hearing Radio than watching TV?

  does not matter

7.  What kind program do you like?

  does not matter

8.  where do you hear radio usually?


9.  what kind do you have radio?

  classic radio
  car radio system

10.  Please specify your gender.


11.  1. Do you hear Radio?

  a. Yes
  b. No
  c. Can't Say

12.  what do you prefer language of radio channels?

  your native language
  can't say
  does not matter