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 The Happiness survey
In Pursuit of Happiness

The happiness survey investigates what makes people happy and content.

1.  Please specify your gender. (Optional)


2.  What is the highest level of education you have completed? (Optional)

  High School Diploma
  Associate Degree
  Bachelor Degree
  Master's Degree
  PhD or Professional Degree (J.D.,M.D.etc.)

3.  What is your age? (Optional)

4.  Please specify your family status.

  Living with partner
  Single (never married)

5.  If you are married, how satisfied are you with your marriage?

  Very satisfied
  Very Dissatisfied

6.  Please select the option that best describes your opinion regarding the following.

Strongly agreeModerately agreeSlightly agreeSlightly disagreeModerately disagreeStrongly disagree
I feel I matter a lot to both myself and others
I feel comfortable in my own skin
I have most of the things that make life comfortable
I am content with my life
I am optimistic about future
I have trouble falling asleep and I usually don't get a restful sleep
I find beauty in so many things around me
My past experiences have left me bitter
I am critical of others
I enjoy the company of friends and relatives

7.  How would you rate your health these days?

  Very good

8.  How satisfied are you with the following things in your life?

Very satisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
The way your career has progressed
The home you live in
The leisure time you get
Your financial situation

9.  How would you rate your overall level of happiness?

  Very high
  Very low

10.  You will be happy at this very moment if ____________.

11.  Please mention the three things that you think contribute significantly toward your happiness.


12.  If I had to live my life all over again, I wouldn't change anything.


13.  If your answer to the previous question is "Disagree", then please specify that one thing you would like to change about your life.