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Assessing Client Satisfaction

The client satisfaction survey is designed to collect a feedback on our clients' satisfaction with our services. This will help us greatly in serving our clients effectively keeping in mind their constantly changing business needs.

1.  Are you satisfied with the company's product(s) and services?

  Yes, I am
  Not sure
  No, not as much as I expected
  No, not at all

2.  How will you rate our company in understanding your business requirements and providing you with compatible solutions?


3.  Does our technical support meet your expectations?

  Yes, it does
  Yes, to an extent
  Not really sure
  No, not as much I expected
  Not at all

4.  How true are the following statements about our service representatives?

TrueSomewhat trueNot sureFalse
They are well trained
They are well supervised.
They are professional in their conduct.
They work to serve you in the best possible way.
They are quick to respond to your requirements.
They have good knowledge in their field of expertise.
They respond to your queries keeping in mind your individual requirements.

5.  What are the reasons for your choosing our Company over others?

  Has indepth knowledge of industry
  Provides good customer service
  Responds to your requests in time
  Provides value for your money
  Provides good consultative services
  Chooses innovative ways to meet your changing requirements.

6.  How will you rate our services in the following areas?

Very goodGoodAveragePoorUnsatisfactory
Reliability of our services
Responsiveness of our representatives in meeting clients' needs
Courtesy in dealing with clients
The cost of our services
Relevance of services to clients' needs
Effectiveness of services in solving clients' problems

7.  How would you rate our performance vis a vis other companies?

  Very good

8.  How do you perceive us as an organization in the marketplace?

9.  How can we further improve our services?