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 multicultural holiday survey
1.  1. Which would be the places you would choose for your holidays?


2.  Please choose the reasons for chooseing the first option:

  Historical places of religious
  Do things by which the place is known
  Making new friends
  Do things by which the place is known
  Because of the culture, to compare life styles
  A special event (celebrations ...)
  Visit friends/family numbers
  Food and drink
  Theatre, Opera or any cultural activities
  Watching Games
Other, please specify

3.  What activities do you prefer to do when you in there?

  exploring the area
  having a picnic
  taking photographs
  visiting museums
  Visiting marketing
  Swimming in the ocean or lake
  Do adventure activities
  Travel in a boat
  making foods
  business meetings
Other, please specify

4.  How much time you could spend with other employees?

  1-2 days
  3-4 days
  5-6 days
  more than 7 days

5.  How many people would join the activity with you ?

Other, please specify