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 wich moshling are you?
this survey contains your iner moshling answer these questions and find out wich loveable moshling you are!!:)

1.  something you wouldent be caught dead doing is...

  refusing to eat
  watching TV
  running laps
  being rude

2.  if you wrote a book it would be about.....

  a man who is starving to death but in the end gets a feast
  a man who almost gets eaten by a tiger
  a man who sleeps for 40 days and nights
  a teenage girl who just wants to party!

3.  you would normally be found around.......

  a doughnut shop
  the park
  a nice lake
  up in the disco

4.  your mood is usually......


5.  you just woke up and want something yummy for breakfast!

  a deliciouse donought
  sunny side up

6.  your friends would think of you as....

  allwayse ways in the mood for a snack
  play! play and play!!
  very tired
  cool and stylish