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Assessing Client Satisfaction

The client satisfaction survey is designed to collect a feedback on our clients' satisfaction with our services. This will help us greatly in serving our clients effectively keeping in mind their constantly changing business needs.

1.  who do you think is the company best face.

  a.shawn micheals
  b.hulk hogan
  c.john cena
  d.the rock

2.  the best heel.

  a.the miz
  b.alberto del rio punk

3.  who had the best debut.

  a.chris jericho
  b.santino marrella

4.  who has the lamest gimmick.

TrueSomewhat trueNot sureFalse
a.santino marrella
b.yoshi tatsu
c.william regal
d.horn swoggle

5.  who should of won wwe 2012 royal rumble.

  a.the miz
  b.chris jericho
  c.cody rhodes
  d.mick foley

6.  who has the best ride in wwe.

Very goodGoodAveragePoorUnsatisfactory
a.hunico and camacho
c.alberto delrio
d.john cena
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7.  How would you rate our performance vis a vis other companies?

  Very good

8.  who should cm punk fight at wrestlemania 29.

9.  How can we further improve our services?